Indicative Pricing

Pricing will generally vary from the prices indicated due to amount of debris and narrowness of guttering; and of course for additional requirements like canopies, separate carports, garages etc.

2-Sided 1-Storey

This is where our minimum charge sits. 

From: $180 + GST = $207
To: $220 + GST = $253

Classic Bungalow

The main distinction between a bungalow and a villa is the lower roof pitch.

From: $220 + GST = $253
To: $250 + GST = $287.50

Large Modern 1-Storey

The spouting is usually the modern low-bracket style, which takes longer to clean than say the more open PVC. 

From: $260 + GST = $299
To: $320 + GST = $368

Old 'State' Style

The roof pitch is the main factor here but also often a high amount of debris (tile grit + moss).

From: $260 + GST = $299
To: $330+ GST = $379.50

Villa - Normal Size/Height

The main pricing factor here is the steeper roof, but with this pitch of roof, also max height.   

From: $330 + GST = $379.50
To: $450 + GST = $517.50

Split Level - 2 layer

Usually has the modern low bracketed guttering (slower to clear) and often either two story or ladder-off-lower-roof access.

From: $347 + GST = $399.05
To: $500 + GST = $575

We water-test downpipes as necessary to ensure there is flow to the stormwater drains but don't do full water tests of every downpipe to check for stormwater blockages, which are rare. If a downpipe seems to have a drainage issue we will water test it as deemed appropriate at the time.

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