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Why trust Gutter Geeks with your next Auckland gutter clean?

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[Stafford and Daniel] were great, personable and it was immaculate after they left.
- Sally, Devonport (email feedback, March 2016)

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I was so impressed I have asked them to diary my job yearly.
- Duncan, Mt Eden (, Jan 2016)
  1. Safety Focus We comply with the new Safety at Work as much as possible, from cordoning off our work areas to using ropes for roof work. We want you and us to be around for your next gutter clean.

  2. Quality Work We provide before and after photos with every gutter clean. No need to ask. We have nothing to hide.

  3. Service Like It Should Be It doesn't seem like much until you think of contractors who have turned up late, not told you of changed plans, left a mess or just been abrupt or curt. At Gutter Geeks, our service extends beyond just gutter cleaning. We'll arrive on time, take care of your plants, place mats on your soft lawns and leave the place as you'd hope: "Other than not seeing the weeds peeking above the gutters, you wouldn't know they had been."

  4. But wait there's more! Our ladders have a gutterbridge installed, so they contact your roof not your guttering. Ladders should not lean against your guttering; it can result in dents, scratches and misalignment!

Gutter Geeks are the most professional company I have ever dealt with. If all companies were like them there would be a lot less stress in our lives.- Catherine, Ellerslie (NoCowboys, Jan 2016)

Safety Important to You?

With the Safety at Work Act (April 4th 2016), safety is no longer something that can be swept under the table with a "she'll be right" approach. At Gutter Geeks, we have procedures to keep you, others and ourselves safe & sound, and a formal Health & Safety Policy. Doing the job right is more than just the gutter clean. Here's a good shot which Stafford took at a large complex in Mt Eden:

Gutter Geeks area of operations
I know it's required by law but still great to see all the safety equipment that was used.
-Cerdin Rogers, email feedback March 2016

Primary Area of Operations (the tighter Auckland area)

We service the greater Auckland area, excluding the extremes.

Albany, Avondale, Bayview, Birkdale, Birkenhead, Blockhouse Bay, Browns Bay, Chatswood, Devonport, Epsom, Forest Hill, Freemans Bay, Glen Eden, Glendene, Glendowie, Glenfield, Grafton, Green Bay, Greenhithe, Greenlane, Grey Lynn, Hauraki, Henderson, Herne Bay, Hillcrest, Hillsborough, Long Bay, Lynfield, Mairangi Bay, Massey, Meadowbank, Milford, Mount Roskill, Mount Wellington, Mt Albert, Mt Eden, Mt Wellington, Murrays Bay, Narrow Neck, New Lynn, Northcote, Northcote Point, Northcross, Onehunga, Orakei, Otahuhu, Pakuranga, Panmure, Parnell, Pinehill, Point Chevalier, Ponsonby, Ranui, Redvale, Remuera, Sandringham, Schnapper Rock, St Johns, Sunnynook, Sunnyvale, Te Atatu, Te Atatu Peninsula, Te Atatu South, Three Kings, Northern Titirangi, Torbay, Totara Vale, Unsworth Heights, Wairau Valley, Waterview, West Harbour, Westmere. In a nutshell centralish Auckland and the North Shore.

It would be hard to imagine how anyone could do better than Gutter Geeks.
- Sakthy, Stanley Point (TradeMe, Jan 2016)

Get a quote for a gutter cleaning job in greater Auckland: Gutter Geeks' quote form

Gregg & Tomoko Cleland
Gutter Geeks Ltd

PS Want more detail? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

...we are very pleased with their professionalism and excellent job.

The 4 Must-Do's of a Gutter Cleaning Service

You may be like a lot of people who come to us frustrated with their previous gutter cleaning experience. With Gutter Geeks, you know you're in good hands because we follow our motto of "Gutter Cleaning Done Right". Check out our "4 Must Do's of a Gutter Cleaning Service" page for more.

Prefer to Clean Your Own Guttering? Here Are Some Tips to Get the Job Done Safely

Working From Ladders The general advice is not to reach too much and that's very true. The best advice we can give though is that if you're using a straight or extension ladder, to have a gutterbridge installed. A gutterbridge not only means that your ladder no longer contacts your guttering, but it makes the ladder 100 times more stable. Basically, the biggest danger - side slip - is effectively eliminated. Ask us and we'll let you know where to buy the same gutterbridge that we use.

Gutter Cleaning from the Roof Firstly, don't think that because your Sky installer easily walked up the roof to install the dish that it's just as easy to clean your gutters from the roof. Going directly up and down a roof is much easier than walking around it and reaching over it.

Please at least use a rope as a support line, which makes you a whole lot more stable and less likely to slip. Ideally you'll use a proper roof harness but the reality is that most people don't have such equipment. Such a line can be attached to a tree or fence on the far side of the house or a chimney.

Remember that a dry roof that has good grip can turn into an ice-slippery roof when wet. Think carefully about where you spray water if using a hose to do a final washdown.

Move slowly and deliberately: Don't suddenly stand up from a squatting position - working from a roof is no place to get light-headed. Ropes and hoses can get entangled making tripping a real possibility. Take your time!

Take care of your tiles. If you have a tiled roof, move slowly and deliberately with most weight on the leading edge of the tiles where they are supported underneath. Too much pressure on the centre of tiles can lead to broken tiles. The three main reasons for cracked and broken tiles are people walking to quickly, not walking correctly or simply being too heavy (usually a combination).

Avoid damage to pointing. Pointing is the mortar which seals the ridge caps. Avoid dragging your hose or ropes over ridge caps as pointing will easily break. Take the time to reposition them as required.

Gloves Gutter cleaning can be a messy job and it can get a bit nasty too. Sheetmetal flashing can result in cuts, and dealing with gutter muck isn't the best place to have an open wound. Wear fairly thick gloves that fit well. Loose or over-sized gloves will catch on the lip of roofing, flashing etc.

Gutter Scoop?There's no magic tool for doing gutter cleaning by hand. Gutter scoops can be useful but only where the exposed guttering is wide enough. A lot of guttering is too narrow and you'll be trying to pull out the debris with your fingertips. Watch out for grazing your hand as you try to squeeze it in to narrow guttering.

So there's more to gutter cleaning than just cleaning gutters! If you feel that it's best to hand the job over, feel free to get in touch for a free quote:
Freecall mobile 0800-938-967 or text the address and your name to 027-333-5444.

Gutter Geeks are fantastic.

Be Wary of Cash Gutter Cleaning Jobs - Cheap and Nasty Tend To Go Together

Aug 22nd 2013: We were approached by a lady today as we had lunch in the van. We got to chatting about a previous gutter cleaner for whom she had left cash. When she got home, the cash was gone but the gutter debris was still there. This is an extreme case, but the bottom line is that unbranded gutter cleaning services have nothing to lose. They can do a mediocre job, say it's done and do a runner with the money before the owners get a chance to see what's been done, if they do at all. Since they are nowhere to be found online, even a negative review isn't possible.

When you use a branded gutter cleaning service like Gutter Geeks, you know that we have a reputation to uphold so you can be confident that the job will get done as expected. We provide full before and after photos so you can see exactly what has been done. And because we stand behind a brand, we can't get lazy and cut corners. Every job gets done to the same high standard.

So be careful of cheap; your house is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Look after it with a branded service that you can trust to get the job done right.

Needless to say we were delighted with the overall experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gutter Geeks or use them again ourselves.

Does it take lots of trees to block rain gutters? Grass seeds are enough!

The general perception is that trees are the enemy when it comes to gutters becoming blocked, but the reality can be quite an eye-opener: All it takes is a few grass seeds to take hold. Once they start growing, they're going nowhere except thicker and wider along the guttering, eventually becoming thick enough to block water flow and cause overflowing, which will either be over the outside of the guttering or (hopefully not) on the inside.

You'll probably want to get your guttering cleaned before it ends up like this: Grass growth in guttering
I'd highly recommend Gutter Geeks.

Will Gutter Guard Products Mean No More Gutter Cleaning?

We get a number of requests to have gutter guard installed and we never just say "Okay." If you go by the ads, you could be forgiven for thinking that gutter guard products are a panacea, with leaves blowing away and your water flowing unhindered forever.

The unpleasant reality is that all leaf protection products need to be combined with a regular gutter cleaning schedule and will work to varing degrees depending on the type of debris that will be falling.

Grass growing in gutter mesh

Check out our Gutter Guard Reality page for common examples of where the different types of guard have failed.

A further query which I had about gutters was comprehensively and helpfully covered. No hesitation in recommending Gutter Geeks!

What Factors Do We Consider When Quoting for a Gutter Clean?

Most people assume that the length of guttering and whether it's a one or two (or three) storey house are the most important factors and that comes through when we're asked for estimates for something like "a three bedroon single storey house." But neither of those factors are what we want to know first. It's all about access and especially whether we can do the job from the roof or not. Read more about how we quote for gutter cleaning..

Will definitely use again and I have already recommended them.

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